Szatmári Konzervgyár Kft. Hungary is located 15 km from the Ukrainian and 30 km from the Romanian border. In our factory, we produce approximately 100 million products from sweet corn, cucumbers, cherries, green peas and other vegetables and fruits every year. In recent years, we have placed special emphasis on expanding the selection of organic products, and we are doubling the production of organic cherries, peas, corn and beets every year.
It is our daily effort and commitment that our brand is identified with healthy nutrition and quality. From the beginning, we have monitored the current trends and needs, we believe that the long-term success and growth of our brand lies largely in this.


Szatmár Canning Factory Ltd. is the largest employer of Csenger district, mostly provides a living for nearly 1000 families directly as an employer and indirectly as a purchaser of agricultural products. Our company employs 320 people on a permanent basis throughout the year, but during the main season, the production line is populated, and the number of employees of Szatmári Canning Factory Ltd. increases by approximately another 170-200 people in order to ensure the success of production. Thank you for supporting Hungarian workers by purchasing the products. Equal opportunities in the workplace are important to us, with flexible work organization we provide the opportunity to employ families with small children and those who care for the elderly.