Szatmár Canning Factory Ltd. is located in the northeastern part of Hungary. Thanks to its geographical location, from the regions of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and Hajdú-Bihar, the most delicious vegetables and fruits will be processed fresh and juicy. Our products do not contain preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers or synthetic additives, they are made only from natural ingredients, so they fully meet the conditions of healthy nutrition. Szatmár Canning Factory Ltd. is mainly known as a gherkins producer on the domestic market, however more than the half part of its annual income comes from the production and sales of sweet corn. The factory’s products are available mostly in every European countries, but the largest amount of them are bought by German customers.

The ”Rege” brand name has been present for 23 years in the Hungarian market since then it has served the widest range of consumer needs, from the simplest, traditional pickles to the most innovative vegetable and fruit specialties. It is our daily effort and commitment that our brand is identified with healthy nutrition and quality. From the begining we monitored the current trends and needs, and we believe that the long-term success and growth of our brand mainly hide in them.


Environmental protection is important to Szatmári Canning Factory Ltd., as our future is in this. We pay attention to the optimal use of energy and the reduction of the ecological footprint. We help farmers with professional advice in order to ensure that soil protection prevails, as well as the use of pesticides as little as possible.

During the technological design of the production lines, we strive to reduce the environmental impact created during production (e.g. water consumption, waste water discharge). We are proud that the wastewater treatment in our factory is of a European standard: we have a biological wastewater treatment system, where untreated wastewater is treated with bacterial culture, which improves the parameters of the discharged wastewater (COD and organic matter content).


In our factory, we strive every day to continuously ensure quality.

This year, our company has made technological modernization investments, and we have developed the great part of our machinery. In addition, refurbishments and modernizations are carried out with the aim of meeting the up-to-date nutritional needs, the highest food safety requirements, and serving our customers in an environmentally conscious way. We believe that if we can provide our employees with an atmosphere where they are happy to come every day, then safe and quality work will be created there. To this end, we welcome them in a well-equipped, friendly environment.

In addition to ensuring continuous high quality, our main goal is to manufacture products that make everyday life easier, so that consumers can put a variety of dishes on the table with a short preparation time. In addition, these products are preservative-free, they are made with heat treatment, while retaining the natural flavor.


Our premium products do not contain any preservatives, food coloring, flavor enhancer or syntetic additives, they are made from natural ingredients, so they fully meet the conditions of healthy nutrition. For more than 10 years, the company has been successfully operating HACCP and the internationally accepted IFS Food Version 6 (International Featured Standards), BRC version 7, GMO free, EU BIO, ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001:2015, quality and environmental management systems. Szatmár Canning Factory Ltd. In 2018, Szatmári Canning Factory Ltd. also obtained the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) certificate.


The ecological characteristics of our country provide a suitable basis for the successful cultivation of vegetables and fruits. Hungarian products, which are extremely rich in flavors and aromas, have serious market potential. When purchasing raw materials, we pay particular attention to quality and freshness, the raw materials needed for our annual production are produced by our suppliers on approximately 2500-3000 hectares.
Our products can be found throughout Europe, while in Hungary in all international and domestic networks.


The sale of organic products has changed significantly in the last few years. . In 2018, the number of organic products sold was around 500.000, but by 2021, this number will rise to 3 million. We place special emphasis on the production of organic sour cherries, green peas, sweet corn and beets, which we double every year. It is also important for us that healthy food is placed on our customers' tables. Raw materials from controlled organic farming, in our case e.g. organic sweet corn, green peas, cherries, are more nutritious and contain more vitamins, minerals and health-protecting substances.