Szatmár Canning Factory Ltd. trives to fully satisfy customer needs in all its internal and external activities. We are convinced that the satisfaction of our customers and employees has a positive effect on our environment. Our aim is for quality to guide all our decisions and actions. We implement this philosophy in all areas of the company.

The satisfaction of our customers is the measure of the quality of our products and the assessment of our presence on the market. We believe that this satisfaction has three very important factors: quality, food safety and the workforce that produces the products.

Our factory produces approximately 100 million products annually, which means about 30,000 tons of manufactured products. This mainly consists of corn, cherries, cucumbers, green peas, as well as other vegetables, fruits and ready meals


80-85% of our preserves and cans enrich the palette of the international market. We are proud that our cans can be found in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Denmark and many other countries.

In Hungary, more than 50 percent of the turnover is with the Rege brand, while the rest is sold as my private label products of domestic chains.